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Cover girl products bzz agent

Quick review : Mascara 3.5/5 , BB cream 2.5/5

I received both these items from bzz agent and here is my full honest review:

Mascara: this is actually a pretty decent mascara. There are a couple issues with it though. It's called super fibre but I don't see any fibre. That being said people will claim it's mixed in and impossible to see but fibre mascaras tend to make your lashes longer. This doesn't provide that at all. I found that my lashes got thicker but definitely didn't get longer. The other downfall is the brush. I am not a fan of tradition spoolies but this one is just strange. It's very difficult to use at first and is definitely not my favourite. The brush is long and basically the same size end to end which makes it difficult to get the edges of your eye. The positive side is that it lasts all day and is still very easy to remove. Also sitting at a price of 5-7 dollars it's very worth the money if you do not need length. Over all I would maybe buy it again but I think I'd prefer something with a nicer brush.

BB cream: ugh I hate to say it but this like the 3rd cover girl product face wise that just doesn't match. It's too dark and too orange. I'm not sure whom they are catering to but oompah loompahs don't buy make up. I received the lightest colour and even if I did tan it still wouldn't match because no human skin is orange. Now the reason this didn't get 0 is because the coverage and the actual product is great. It's light weight, covers acne and does take feel gross. It's actually one of the better BB creams I've used that are North American brands. It doesn't make your face shiny and again is easy to remove. I just wish they'd stop making things soo orangey. If they made this adore neutral tone and a little light I would for sure buy it !